Appointments with Dr. Katie Skelton are done only through telemedicine. This applies to new patients and is completely HIPAA compliant. Please contact our office today to arrange your telemedicine appointment.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine or Telepsychiatry is the practice of seeing patients through the use of a secure video conferencing program, instead of in the doctor’s office or face-to-face. With the use of telemedicine, your child or teen’s psychiatric needs can be assessed, and care can occur through videoconferencing. Dr. Katie Skelton can meet “virtually” with parents and their children using a video conferencing technology which allows for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in real-time.

How does telepsychiatry work?

Due to the many requirements healthcare providers face, telepsychiatry has become a leading standard of care for psychiatrists in Texas and throughout the country. In fact, more and more patients prefer telemedicine and telepsychiatry over traditional office visits. The process works by allowing the direct interaction between Dr. Skelton and her patient. At the time of appointment, the patient will click on a link provided and will connect directly with Dr. Skelton using a computer, smart phone or other video-capable device. Dr. Skelton can see the patient in real-time using a secure video conferencing platform which allows her to have live, interactive communication through telemedicine. If requested, she can continue the line of communication to the patient’s primary physician so they can be informed.

Are there benefits to telemedicine and telepsychiatry?

Patients can enjoy a comfortable, convenient and affordable way to see their doctor through video-based telepsychiatry. The patients needs can be met and can benefit them in may different ways. Some of the ways Dr. Skelton’s patients benefit from telepsychiatry for their mental health are:

  • Mental health care can occur at the patient’s location
  • Allows for reduction in the delay of treatment
  • Prevents parents from having to find childcare for their other children
  • Allows time for school or other activities with a more flexible schedule
  • Reduces transportation time and costs
  • Allows patients, parents and caregivers to still meet face-to-face with their doctor
  • Improves access and availability of mental health care that might not otherwise be available
  • Reduces the time needed off work for parents or caregivers
  • Reduces the barrier of stigma

What mental health conditions can be treated with telepsychiatry?

Dr. Skelton is board certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Skelton strives to provide specialized, compassionate care to each patient. Some conditions she treats through telemedicine or telepsychiatry are:

Are telepsychiatry on-line appointments safe?

For her telepsychiatry visits, Dr. Skelton uses a secure, HIPAA compliant platform, done in the comfort of the patient’s home or office. The patient’s information remains private and their needs can be met without fear of a data-breach. Telemedicine can offer the privacy and confidentiality equivalent to an in-person visit.

How does telemedicine work?

Patients or their parents or caregivers only need access to high-speed internet and a video-capable device such as a computer, smart phone or webcam with a microphone. Those familiar with video platforms similar to FaceTime, Zoom or Skype will find telepsychiatry appointments easy to accomplish. Even patients who have never used a video conference find Dr. Skelton’s appointment easy to connect to and simple to attend. Dr. Skelton will send you a private, secure link for your appointment. The attendee simply clicks on the link, follows the directions and is able to meet with their doctor.

Will telemedicine work as well as a face-to-face visit?

Research has found a high patient satisfaction rate with telepsychiatry among patients, care givers, psychiatrists and other health care professionals. Patients report an overall good experience among all age groups and there is evidence of effectiveness and successful treatment along with a high quality of care and overall satisfaction. Telepsychiatry has been found to be especially effective with the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD.

Can medicine or drugs be prescribed over telepsychiatry?

If federal and state requirements are met, Dr. Skelton is allowed to prescribe controlled substances after a telepsychiatry visit, should she find it indicated for treatment.

Is my telepsychiatric visit covered by insurance?

Dr. Skelton does not accept insurance; however, she provides a billing statement which you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Texas is one of many states that treat your telepsychiatric visit insurance reimbursement the same as an office visit. Medicaid will also reimburse patients for some telepsychiatric services. Patients are urged to check with their insurance to determine applicable benefits. The reimbursement will not likely equal the total cost of your visit with Dr. Skelton.

How do I connect for my telemedicine visit?

Dr. Skelton will send you a link for your appointment. You will simply sign on to your device and click on the secure link.

If you would like more information regarding telepsychiatry, telemedicine or how to meet through a secure on-line platform, please contact the offices of Dr. Katie Skelton, serving patients in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, and surrounding North Texas Hill Country communities.